Medical devices are becoming one of the most rapidly developing healthcare spheres, with more than 50 new models and patents approved by the FDA annually. As for the financial side, the global medical devices market is expected to reach $612 billion by 2025.

Unfortunately, apart from great profits, this sphere creates additional challenges for healthcare organizations. Strict medical devices regulations, imposed by governmental and international entities, set many requirements for healthcare providers designing or applying medical devices. Organizations also have to process immense loads of medical device data. …

AWS is rapidly becoming a dominant technology in cloud computing. According to recent estimations, the platform serves over a million active users in more than 190 countries. This Amazon technology offers you an impressive list of benefits, but its adequate implementation also brings many challenges.

Interested in AWS but have some doubts on how to use such services? In this article, we will provide an overview of the benefits an AWS serverless architecture can bring to your business. We will also discuss the essential points you have to consider to employ the maximum potential of this technology.

Amazon Web Services: Dynamics and Growth Potential

In recent years…

Martech industry is the next big word in the domain of digital innovations. For example, up to 98% of modern high-growth companies use tools from martech stack to ensure marketing automation. Organizations from a broad range of industries keep up with marketing technology trends in order to establish more efficient promotional campaigns and market targeting. Data is the core asset of the martech industry, and problems often appear when it comes to a marketing technology stack that has to work with significant information loads.

Cloud-based platforms, such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP, bring solutions to the main issues associated…

Telehealth is gaining momentum in the domain of healthcare technologies. New applications emerge on a daily basis to improve patient outcomes, ensure better patient experience, enhance patient information security, and provide medical businesses with a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, organizations often make faults while launching telemedicine software, which does not allow them to benefit from such solutions. In this material, we will describe the most common challenges associated with the development of telehealth applications and explain how healthcare providers can solve them.

In 2019, 10 fines for a total of $12,274,000 were issued for violations of HIPAA process regulations. The average financial penalty of $1,227,400 per case means that even the slightest neglect can lead healthcare providers to catastrophic losses. In the digital age, the value of privacy protection is higher than ever because interconnected information systems are often exposed to the threat of data leaks. It does not mean that healthcare providers should abandon the benefits of digitalization. Instead, they should consider the existing data privacy regulations and ensure top-notch security of their software. …

Hard times always accelerate progress. In 2020, the pandemic changed the entire world, but it also gave a great push to the development of technologies. The urgent need to improve the efficiency of medical services made multiple actors in this domain invest in emerging trends and develop the existing trends in the healthcare industry. It is projected that 2021 will bring many valuable breakthroughs in the sphere of digital health. Medical organizations that want to remain competitive in a time of change have to keep track of the most valuable health care industry trends. …

Hospital management system
Hospital management system

Recent studies show alarming statistics: in the U.S., medical errors lead to 250,000 deaths each year. Globally, such numbers are much higher. The cost of a medical error can be another person’s life, which attracts more attention to ways of optimizing healthcare administration. Enhanced digitalization, notable for the development of software for hospitals, brings a solution to the problem. A hospital management system is software used to organize hospital workflow. Such a multifunctional clinical management system provides healthcare employees with data on hospital assets, patients, tasks, financial implications, and professional schedule.

How can hospital management system software make the difference?

Outstanding functionality, multiple positive features, and process automation are…

remote health monitoring
remote health monitoring

Innovations emerge in the healthcare domain with an impressive frequency. They can be distinguished into temporary trends, unable to survive on the market for more than a few years, and progressive technologies that are here to stay. For sure, a remote health monitoring system refers to the second category. Connected to hospital management software, RPM systems ar essential for telemonitoring in healthcare.

In the first part of the material, we already explained the purpose of patient monitoring systems that work remotely, presented the main types of such technologies, their connection to the IoT, and potential benefits that they can bring…

remote health monitoring
remote health monitoring

Long queues in hospital hallways, overloaded schedules of healthcare practitioners, shortage of healthcare staff, and high expenses on costly medical equipment maintenance — all such issues have become an integral part of hospital-centralized care. In the digital age, we are finally close to finding a universal solution to such problems. The world of healthcare technologies is rapidly changing with the development of telehealth, and remote patient monitoring systems are becoming an increasingly valuable trend. The market for patient monitoring devices is expected to grow from $36.4 billion in 2020 to $55.1 billion in 2025. What makes such innovations so valuable…

Speaking of educational technology, people rarely talk about money. They mention the benefits for underprivileged children, the blessings of remote learning, the shifting role of educational institutions, and other impacts. Yet, in fact, developing education apps, a startup or large enterprise can make big money and enter the fast-growing business niche.

According to the Global Online Education Market report, by 2025, the worth of the online education market will reach $319+ billion compared to $188 billion in 2019. The number of people interested in upgrading their skills through online solutions is also impressive. E-learning software takes third place among the…


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